Prof Herbert Reginbogin

Acting President, Turkish Heritage Organization

Prof Herbert Reginbogin is a fellow/Professor at The Catholic University of America. Dr. Herbert Reginbogin, Professor of International Relations and International Law, has been a faculty member at several universities on both sides of the Atlantic. He has taught at Touro Law School (New York), the European University of Lefke (Cyprus), Bogazici University (Turkey), Cag University (Turkey), Potsdam University (Germany), and Kehl University am Rhein (Germany), in addition to guest lecturing at other institutions of higher learning around the world. After spending more than two decades teaching, Prof. Reginbogin now resides in Washington, D.C., where he is currently completing research on American foreign policy and national security issues related to human and energy security, religious identity, freedom, and foreign policy impacting international law. He specializes in U.S. public policy; political, economic, and security issues facing Europe; the Middle East; and East Asia. Throughout his career, Dr. Reginbogin has written over 15 publications on these topics. Over many years, Prof. Reginbogin has worked on several litigation cases; energy security issues in the Eastern Mediterranean, EU, and USA; international maritime law; international refugee issues; the destabilization of the international world order; new international security architectures; and kleptocracy.He received his Licentiatus Philosophiae/Ph.D. from the University of Bern and his B.A. from Whittier College.

Savannah Lane

Executive Director, Turkish Heritage Organization

Born in Houston, Texas and raised in Richmond, Virginia Savannah Lane found her passion for politics and understanding the realm of international advocacy at a young age when she became Virginia’s inaugural ANNPower Fellow (a program created by Hillary Clinton and Madeleine Albright). Through this program Savannah was exposed to leaders from around the world and worked with mentors as an ANNPower national grant winner.Savannah went on to study Foreign Affairs/Middle Eastern Studies at the University of Virginia, serve as a Resident Advisor and work for a Senate reelection campaign doing research surrounding foreign policy issues. Savannah continued her work in the political realm as a program associate at a political consulting firm working in digital media, social media, outreach, event planning and fundraising. Through Savannah’s extensive service and advocacy work she won the title of Miss Virginia 2015 in the Miss America Organization and worked in media realms with Dick Clark Productions, national nonprofits, Children’s Miracle Network hospitals, the American Heart Association and more. Through this opportunity Savannah won talent and Quality of Life award designations for her service and commitment to the community. Savannah moved to Washington D.C. after she was one of eight women selected from across the country to serve as a Star Fellow for Running Start in a congressional office. Through this program, Savannah honed her communication and strategy skills, mentored and trained to run for political office and advocated for women in underrepresented fields.Savannah has continued her efforts in the space of international relations and transatlantic security serving as a media commentator on international news outlets, and further advocating for women in the field of international security and unrepresented industries. As one of ten Americans selected for a unique fellowship in conflict resolution/peace/security negotiations, Savannah trained in Morocco further developing her passion for international policy and advocacy work surrounding conflict resolution and peace negotiation. Savannah is currently pursuing a Master’s Degree in International Security and was recently selected as one of 25 international leaders to take part in the Aspen Institute’s NextGen Leadership Network surrounding the transatlantic initiatives.Savannah also serves as the founder of the group Women of Washington to allow and foster mentorship and empowerment for young professional women interested in politics in foreign affairs. Savannah is eager to use her unique experiences and passion for international relations to help promote an understanding of the importance of NATO, Turkish and American relations through her role at the THO.

Jimmy Basch

Jimmy is a recent graduate of Stockton University. He earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science with a minor in Historical Studies. Throughout his undergraduate career, he spent time studying the political situation and history of the near east. Last fall he had the opportunity to work for a human rights advocacy NGO based in DC. That experience strengthened skills such as research and allowed him to apply much of the information he was learning at Stockton. He considers what he studies to also be a passion. He is excited to apply more of what he has learned at university, expand his knowledge of Turkish-American bilateral relations, and connect with others in the field.

Kylie Boss

Kylie Boss is an undergraduate student at Grand Valley State University majoring in political science and minoring in international relations and Spanish. She has previously interned for a county political party and has worked for the State of Michigan, growing professional and political knowledge. Through her university and professional experiences, Kylie has developed a keen interest for both national politics and international relations. She has previously explored connections between corruption and human rights, relations among political sophistication and political party, and welfare policies in the United States. At the Turkish Heritage Organization, Kylie hopes to hone her professional development skills and to further learn how to conduct skillful research, and she is excited to join the THO team as an intern focusing on NATO.

Meadow Fortier

Meadow Fortier is an undergraduate student at the University of New Hampshire majoring in political science and international affairs with minors in Chinese and economics. She has experience in outreach for local nonprofits as well as in research on targeted infrastructure in the Middle East and electoral politics in India. Her interests lie in foreign diplomacy, conflict resolution, and political and social development. During her time with the Turkish Heritage Organization, she aims to further develop these interests through the lens of U.S.-Turkish and NATO relations.

Emily Benson

My name is Emily Benson, and I am currently a postgraduate student at the University of Leicester in the UK, studying Human Rights and Global Ethics. I recently graduated from the University of Utah with a bachelor's degree in International Relations and a minor in Peace and Conflict Studies. My areas of interest are human rights, humanitarian aid and intervention, and diplomacy. I am incredibly excited to join the NATO 2030 Global Fellowship Program internship, and look forward to joining the team that is creating a wave of change within foreign policy.