About The Program

Sparked by NATO’s themes of collaboration and exchanges of ideas, the NATO 2030 Global Fellowship Program in partnership with the Turkish Heritage Organization (Washington, D.C.) and the NATO Defense College Foundation (Rome, Italy) launched the NATO 2030 Global Fellowship Program, sponsored by the NATO Public Diplomacy Division Headquarters (Brussels, Belgium). The NATO 2030 Global Fellowship seeks to further the understanding and analysis of NATO in the 21st century and its objectives in a changing world as well as place an emphasis on the NATO 2030 Agenda and proposals. The fellowship will promote the priorities of collective action, collaboration, and political-military cooperation and security through member-states. The NATO 2030 initiatives, including the resource center, publications, and more will serve as a continuation of research and policy analysis surrounding the implementation of the NATO 2030 Agenda, while empowering youth voices, dialogue and partnership across cultures.